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Organized by kurimanzutto, Mexico City
September 1, 2016 – November 30, 2016




Araki has long been recognized as a master of his medium, whose work captures the link between the I & eye, where photography is the observation of life and death embraced in life, or life embraced in death. Through countless exhibitions and publications, he has tirelessly experimented with the boundaries of photographic form, painting, writing, scratching or collaging his images. Araki makes humanity the most pressing and urgent subject of his work, be it in the form of love, desire, death, sadness, laughter, madness or joy.

For Sonora 128, a billboard project that aims to instigate a conversation with a broad audience, Araki debuts a new work. Centered on the theme of paradise, this image forms part of a larger, ongoing series, qARADISE, depicting fantastical orgies of tropical vegetation, inhabited by personal objects, such as dolls, monsters and plastic toys. Composed on black backgrounds to emphasize their vibrant colors, this series brims with Araki’s classic humor amongst ecstasy and death, As the artist comments, “all photography belongs in the next world. I mean, the next world is paradise. When I look through the camera now, every place is paradise.”

Photo: PJ Rountree
Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City


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