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proyectoamil presents "Looking Forward" in Peru

Lima, Peru
August, 2020


Most cultural institutions, including proyectoamil, have been forced to pause their activities due to the current situation and to re-prioritize and re-think our content, program, efforts and life itself. During the lockdown we invited our friends and people closest to the institution, artists, curators, thinkers, museum and art center directors, and cultural managers to participate in Looking Forward. We requested them to send us a reflection, it could be a drawing, text of any kind, poem, recorded audio or audiovisual about what they think and feel, inspired by the moment we are living. Among the colleagues invited to share their reflections are Rosa Barba, Luz María Bedoya, Phillippe Gruenberg, Pablo Hare, Esteban Igartua, Fátima Rodrigo, Daniel Roque, Sandra Salazar, Simon Schwyzer, Richard Tuttle, Giancarlo Valverde, José Vera, and others.

The lockdown and social distancing due to the pandemic, in some cases, have accelerated changes that had already begun or that inevitably had to occur, such as remote work or adaptation to new technologies. They may have united or distanced us from our families and community depending on the conditions of quarantine and distancing; having given us time to rethink our work, daily life, relationships, and the future. But the pandemic and confinement have also generated an emotional and economic cost due to human and job losses and the feeling of an uncertain future.

We would like to understand how you face this sort of parenthesis that, despite being a very complicated moment, opens the opportunity to explore the potential of art for a radical impact and change. It gives us the space to think, reflect and evaluate resilience and start acting to reinvent ourselves, see new ways of showing work so the crisis ends up working as a catalyst for ideas and projects.

Some of the issues that we asked our guests to think about are the following: What do you think of online platforms to bring artists’ work to audiences in confinement or social distancing? Of the experience of bringing art to the homes in a remote way? How do you see your practice in the future, post-pandemic? Galleries, museums and fairs? The amount of online content?

Since August 10 we present one piece every Monday at


Rosa Barba, José Vera Matos, Luz María Bedoya, Phillippe Gruenberg, Pablo Hare, Esteban Igartua, Fátima Rodrigo, Daniel Roque, Sandra Salazar, Simon Schwyzer, Sheila Hicks, Richard Tuttle, Giancarlo Valverde, José Vera, Ximena Garrido Lecca, María Abaddon, and others.


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