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EXTRACT is an online section where we share some of the texts published by Temblores Publicaciones, Terremoto’s publishing house. Today we present a series of quotes by María Hurtado, Valentina Sepulveda, Pamela Pulgar, Alicia Cruz and Mar Coyol, all of which are included in the catalogue for the online exhibition of the same name–curated by Valeria Caballero Aguilar and Sofía Enríquez González and held at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.


Mayra López, <em>Caminos</em> (2019)

Mayra López, Caminos (2019)

“To do things right, you have to do them smoothly.” This is a line from a lullaby my dad used to sing to me when I was little. I am interested in the ways of doing, exploring that chain in which one decision leads to things that open our creativity and to paths we could never imagine. María Hurtado

Persia Campbell, Itinerario de una mujer en la frontera (s.f.)

As a teenager, I had the stereotypical pressure that women had to meet certain standards of beauty and behavior, which in turn made me shy. I hid my body for fear of not fitting in. I could not understand why such competition and prejudice existed among women. Years later, I discovered that corporeality is and must be diverse. I inhabit my body; I listen to my feelings and my cycles, and that helps me to work on my self-esteem on a daily basis. Pamela Pulgar

Alicia Cruz, Gian (from Travesti_2 series) (s.f.)

To be a woman is to define oneself despite already being “defined”. Valentina Sepulveda

Glances are constant, but there are also mutual reflections. I recently discovered that the corporal experience also has to do with a collective and communitarian experience. Alicia Cruz

Frida Alin, Mater et filia (s.f.)

Femininity has been for me a collective enunciation for our lives, for what is alive, for wanting and loving ourselves in a world where other worlds exist. Mar Coyol

Ada Navarro, Rastros de amor 2/3 (2020)

DECLARACIÓNES CUERPO is a publication that accompanies the digital exhibition with the same name, curated by Valeria Caballero and Sofía Enríquez for Centro de la Imagen. It revolves around the representation of the body from two geographies: Chile and Mexico, both of which recent stories have been defined by the feminist movement, neoliberal capitalism, and the hyper-acceleration of technological advancement, drawing a constellation of meanings that trace some of the contemporary visual discourses regarding the body, and how from it we can create new worlds.

Find the print at the Centro de la Imagen and visit the digital exhibition here.




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