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Vanessa Acioly's "Open Sea" at Ateliê, Brazil

Maceió, Brazil
January 27, 2021 – April 15, 2021

Vanessa Acioly (Maceió, 1987) explores colors and shapes in her artistic practice, producing works that involve drawing, painting, and more recently, sculpture. Open Sea highlights her material interests through oil painting, “filé alagoano” embroidery technique, and acrylic. Her creation process for the production of this exhibition came about through the reflection of her experiences as a woman in the world and her relationship with other women, taking the peculiarity of her culture from Alagoas, a state in Northeast Brazil region, as a substrate.

For the exhibition, Vanessa uses warm tones and predominantly instinctive gestures in the works on display. The egg yolk yellow floor inserts warmth and sews the works in the exhibition space, which despite being composed of oil paintings, intrinsically brings the eccentricity and rawness of the straw, the complexly colored lines arranged in the “filé alagoano” wefts, the experiences learned in the communities and craft cooperatives the artist collaborates with.

Since Acioly is dedicated to knowing and connecting directly with the ancestral knowledge of the inhabitants of her region, establishing relationships with networks of women members of handicraft cooperatives in her state, one can read the exhibition as an extension of all these experiences explored by the artist, considering a deep investigation about color and the exploration of local aesthetics in its constitutive elements.

Considering this shifting identity present in Acioly’s projects, Open Sea is a first-person, almost autobiographical project, that comprehensively presents a close connection to her aesthetic values, her northeastern Brazilian ancestry, and material experimentalism.


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