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Misión Posible

Páramo, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
April 9, 2016 – June 4, 2016




Artists: Gabriel Antolinez, Ana Belén Cantoni, Natalia Castañeda, Lía García, Santiago Leal, Cristina Ochoa, José Olano, David Peña Lopera, Sofía Reyes

The cosmos has always called us into exploration. «Are we alone in the universe?» has been questioned even before we had the technology to take a man to the moon. We have transmitted messages to possible extraterrestrial civilizations since 1974. Two Pioneer space probes with plaques that describe who we are, and the Voyager spacecraft, which contain disks with dozens of sounds and images characteristic of our planet, have already left our Solar System. The possibility of life elsewhere in the universe has continuously captured the human imagination.

There is a great desire to find a sense or meaning to our existence. We need a forceful proof of our transcendency. Misión Posible speaks of this desire, an inhospitable planet in a distant galaxy that supports endless possibilities where we could find the answers to our thoughts and beliefs. The sky is the first mirror of the mind; we look to the stars at night in hopes that they signify ourselves.

Through sculpture, collage, installation, video and drawing, this group of Colombian artists will guide the viewer to understand why seeking life outside our planet is a sample of progress that can define our contemporary culture.


Text by Virginia Jáuregui
Courtesy of Páramo, Guadalajara

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