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BFA Boatos Fine Arts, São Paulo, Brazil
September 3, 2016 – December 22, 2016




Miruca sharpens her nails on the cloth ball, looks at the landscape out the window.
Miruca is fascinated by the light in the table lamp and rolls up in the basket.

Janina McQuoid is presenting a new series of “light box” sculptures, that find their place within the domestic environment and in the neighbourhood’s wood shops where DIY lovers build their bedside tables.

Janina creates sculptures that find their strength in the ephemeral moment of passage between the romantic vision of the abstract and the realism of practicality. The sculptures are born from the ambiguous, the stamina of an anti-conventional and irreverent work, whose complexity lies in being at the same time objects and artworks, having a practical and an aesthetic purpose.

The practical solutions and imperfections underline the technicality and the aesthetics of the hand-made works. The wires, the fluorescent lights, the tracks of the wood cuts and the sowed textiles are part of the intricacy of art works that question the limits between sculpture and functional object.

Miruca wonders, lazy, in the bookshelf, rubbing her body against the corners of Maria Martins and Joaquim Terneiro catalogues.

Courtesy of BFA Boatos Fine Arts, São Paulo


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