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Luis Daniel Hernández Reyes

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Mars without the Earth

The platform is dedicated to organizing and conducting a series of multidisciplinary workshops with the aim of generating new imaginaries of space futures from our realities. One of the results of these workshops is “Mars without Land,” a production by Luis Daniel Hernández Reyes that emerged from the workshop titled “Docufictions of an Imaginary City: Martenochtitlan,” held at the Anahuacalli Museum under the direction of filmmaker Pablo Cruz Villalba and Marcela Chao, director of


The premise of the short film presents a not-too-distant futuristic scenario in which humanity has managed to reach Mars, settle there, survive, and even build a civilization. However, there remains a crucial dependency on Earth’s resources: food and technology that arrive on the red planet every two years. This lack of independence from our home planet is evidenced by the distance from the fertility of our Martian soil and the scarcity of food outside the agricultural domes. In this context, the inevitable question arises: What would happen if the flow of resources from Earth suddenly ceased? What if the blue planet abandoned us all of a sudden, leaving us in desolate silence? Faced with these uncertainties, an existential dilemma arises: Would we choose to return to the shelter of our old home, or would we cling to Mars to avoid losing what has taken so much to build? And more importantly, would we be capable of adapting to this planet?


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