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#53: The Image May Contain

Every month Marginalia invites an artist, curator or project to provide a series of images that will serve as the background of Terremoto, in relation to their practice and current interests. At the end of each month, the whole series of images is unveiled. Here is the selection of October 2019.

It just happens that, in a day like many others, Instragam falls. The social network conceived to exhibit visual delights of perfect unrealistic lives, suddenly is incapable of loading images.

Virtual chaos is unleashed, a frivolous and undervalued panic. People take shelter in Twitter, Facebook or whatever it is that fills their existential void; meanwhile I remain fixedly staring at my cellphone’s screen.

“The image may contain: clouds, sky, ocean, nature and exterior” reads the description of a gray square that occupies the place of a photograph that Instagram could not load. Then I imagine what a social network would be like if we could only describe the images instead of seeing them.

The image may contain—confine, suspend, capture—something somewhere:

a bonsai elephant

a museum of clouds

electric stairs that disembark in a lake

a sunset that sighs

An error in the virtual would becomes an opportunity and magic is revealed through short characters. They are dreams, metaphors and experiences; they are everything that makes up an image when it is not restricted by pixels.

The image may contain is an exercise that calls for the construction of universes that, perhaps, we never imagined possible.


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