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Emma Kohlmann

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#47: Decompressed loaded nature

Every month Marginalia invites an artist, curator or project to provide a series of images that will serve as the background of Terremoto, in relation to their practice and current interests. At the end of each month, the whole series of images is unveiled. Here is the selection of April 2019.

Could it be true we live on earth?
On earth forever?

Just one brief instant here.

Even the finest stones begin to split,
even gold is tarnished,
even precious bird-plumes
shrivel like a cough.

Just one brief instant here.

I am constantly on the run. From place to place I roam and I prefer it that way. I am a collector of images. It seems as if the images from daily life—dreams, art history, my interests—imprint themselves in my mind when I paint. Things appear and disappear. When I spend my time trying to collect myself in this process, I find that I bump into the same things that influence my work.

I am very intentional about the images that I want to explore. I recreate new versions of these images as a way to deconstruct them. Decompressed loaded nature. There are aspects of my ideas that have been indoctrinated since birth. I want to dismantle them. I want to reconfigure these ways of seeing. I find that there are constraints, that I want to put into pieces. I am searching for something that is both imaginary and natural. It is important to be playful. It is important to spend time enthralled by something. I fall into patterns within my work. I want to collect the same ideas. I try to turn them into a dialectical language that speaks to figuration. A lot of the work I make has been a continual exploration of this notion. I am researching new ways to talk about eroticism that isn’t so overt. Different aspects of my work involve a sense of touch and tangibility. There is a constant confrontation of the figure that I want to represent. There is a sensitivity around the body. There is a sensitivity around representation. It is in constant flux. There is an intuition that I feel when I am in production. I make mistakes, and intentionally make mistakes.

I believe there should be room for creativity in all facets of daily life. I believe the world is fleeting and we need to turn into ourselves. To care about others. To think outside of the work that one makes and become a trigger for change and affection. The imaginary worlds that we envision should be part of our daily existence.


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