ECONOMY IS (Above All) A QUESTION OF POLITICS. Labor Rights in the Art Field and MANUAL FOR ACTION

Guillermina Bustos and Jorge Sepúlveda T. share information on the tools developed through the organization Trabajadores de Arte to collectively and collaboratively defend the labor rights of our sector.

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  1. Such as petitions, requests, strikes, etc. where the request for the right is exercised from the structuring of privilege and differentiation from other work sectors.

  2. Such as studio sales, barter or exceptionality or exemption from the economic system.

  3. This is how Trabajadores de Arte begins, with the initial coordination of Jorge Sepúlveda T. and Ilze Petroni (until 2014) and in relation to collaborators from all over Latin America.

  4. Data from the 1st Latin American Census of Contemporary Art (2015) and from research carried out at Uberbau_house.

  5. The Art Workers Agreement for Venezuela started in 2012 and stopped being updated in 2015 due to the national economic situation, regarding inflation and extreme disparity between the official dollar and the unofficial dollar.

  6. This work was also possible thanks to an agreement with other organizations that complemented and participated in the collective construction of the MANUAL, such as: VADB – Arte contemporáneo latinoamericano, ETAC-Encuentro de Trabajadores de Arte Contemporáneo San Martín (AR), Red Conectadas Latinoamérica, Gestoras en Red – Latin America, AAVA / Artistas Autoconvocades (AR), Nosotras Proponemos (AR), FRENTA (MX) before Frente Amplio, and Lluvia Oficina (AR).

  7. Made up of Jorge Sepúlveda T. (Chile / Brazil), Guillermina Bustos (Argentina / Brazil), Federico de la Puente (Argentina), Gabriela Díaz Velasco (Colombia), Nicolás Bertona (Argentina), and Fernando Colman (Paraguay).

  8. Jorge Sepúlveda T & Guillermina Bustos, MANUAL DE ACCIÓN (Córdoba: Curatoría Forense, 2020)


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