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"Inmanente: Disoluciones en el paisaje" at Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, Mexico

Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
April 29, 2020 – May 9, 2020

“There’s a wind, a long wind that gives gloss to things”

—Jorge Esquinca

“(The third landscape) Is a shared fragment of a collective consciousness”

 —Gilles Clement

This exhibition of selected landscape art seeks to be representative of the tremendous work being produced by contemporary artists in the state of Jalisco during the last few years. The show is not limited to artworks created by authors born in the region, but includes the work of those who live, work or study here, no matter their origin.

The works by the 17 artists have common elements that go beyond their mere attributes as landscape art. Some use landscape to discuss social issues and specific environmental policies; other pieces reflect habitat and the individual’s way of relating to a specific environment, generating chronicles, analysis or fiction; while a few others question the forms of traditional representation of landscape in the visual arts while proposing new solutions and processes.

Creating contemporary landscape art can be a natural consequence of understanding one’s place in the Anthropocene, and being aware—individually and collectively—that humans are able to influence not only immediate surroundings, but global environmental systems as well. This understanding leads to new ways of dwelling and exploring space.

Beyond technical solutions, landscape images help us to reflect on inhabiting place. Not only do we develop in our habitat, we are also reflected and recognized in it, even beyond the physical environment. We correspond immaterially with our surroundings in a homeostatic way, constantly exchanging information, sensations, perceptions and traces. Thus, the landscape is capable of leading both the artist and the viewer, not only to contemplation, but to introspection.

The exploration of remote locations perhaps originated as a way to experience or explain the unknown and to be present in it. Some of the pieces shown here are what remains of those voyages, their inquiries and their encounters. Nowadays, such searches of understanding of the outdoors, lead artistic creation to constantly dissolve with other disciplines such as archeology, natural sciences or literature, diversifying the processes of artistic practice, which consequently flows far beyond the ornamental depiction of an idyllic watercolor that hangs from the wall of a living room, and in some cases, perhaps, much closer to the garden.

Now more than ever, where time seems to be accelerated, where construction, agriculture and manufacturing are some of the principal economic interests, it is essential to slow down, to question local, national and global policies relating to ecosystems. It is necessary to stop, whenever possible, and remember that we are mutually immanent with soil and mountains, with fresh and saltwater, with the air and temperature, and with the other species that inhabit the biosphere with us.

We would like to thank Kenia Medina and Alejandro Reyes of Diletante; and Laboratorio Sensorial and Yair López. OPC would also like to thank Alethia García and Juan Manuel Salas for their support; and all of the participating artists.

—Text and curatorship by César Girón


Octavio Abúndez, Mai De Alba, Aldo Álvareztostado, Davis Birks, Daniel Calvillo, Alethia García, Yair López, Lugar de voz: Florencia Guillén & Icari Gómez, Diego Martínez, Jorge Méndez Blake, Oratorio: Andrés Aguilar, Javier Audirac & Armando Castro, Juan Manuel Salas, Ernesto Solana, Ireri Topete.


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