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Lorena Tabares Salamanca

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Until the Songs Spring. Echoes on the Collective Presence in the Mexican Pavilion between disturbed times and technologies

Mexican Pavilion in the 59th Venice Biennale

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  1. The structure of national participations—at times nationalistic—is more obsolete than ever as it has become a political anathema of censures and silences in the midst of an ongoing war conflict and others in the making in the South Pacific. This anathema is permissive of many of the political-military coalitions that abuse more fragile power structures. I mean to say that in this small-scale tracing of our geo-sphere in Venice, the economies of death and categorical constructions of those of us born there, the role of the neoliberal-state is today more than ever that of the division of social groups and the economy of oppression, which collides strongly with the reimagining of organized societies outside of these political apparatuses. In the navels of the world, contradiction is eliminated, while for collective forces it becomes a way of walking.


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