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Galería Amistad presents "Corazón Vagabundo" at Kiosco de Artistas, Argentina

Curated by Desparramadas
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 3, 2020 – September 9, 2020

Corazón Vagabundo was an online show of the artists collective Galería Amistad (Francisca Amigo, Ivan Morales and Almendra Cohen) curated by the artists collective Desparramadas  (Ana Montes and Mariana Papagni). It was part of Super Ciclo Increíble by  KDA (Kiosco de Artistas)

We propose you an adventure:
a day for being anything you want
a cow buying a flower
a cloud thinking about a cloud
a bus of sodas
a white dove on a green lemon
free free says the taxi in bright red
a whip feather
a muzzle thrown in the street
a kissy mwah mwah
at a brief party
on a nylon tablecloth
burnt with cigarette holes
do you want to keep the world in my vagabond heart?
there’ll be singing
there’ll be reunion
there’ll be friendship
our hands don’t get tired
so you can rest
we offer you
a mattress of drawings


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