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Fabio Tremonte presents "We must think" at MAILING project by Correlación Contemporánea, Peru

Curated by Marco Herrera Fernández
Lima, Peru
January 9, 2021 – January 30, 2021

Correlación Contemporánea is a self-managed art space leading virtual exhibitions. In the first edition of the MAILING project, we received Fabio Tremonte (São Paulo, 1975) with the exhibition Tenemos que pensar / We must think, inspired by the call “Think we must! We must think! From Virgina Woolf and remembered by Donna Haraway in the book Staying with the Trouble. The exhibition was circulated virtually by email (e-galeria@correlacioncontemporanea.com) during January 2021.

We must think, is a series of posters where the word becomes a tool to show relationships or tensions that are generated while we build our world. In this communicative process, he asks to think, reflect and dialogue, about the dividing categories that we establish in our communities that are imperative. Fabio fuses the daily life and arts to configure works linked to the relational, performative, affective and community character of Latin America, which uses communication practices that build a social, democratic and horizontal environment.

In these days of confinement, Fabio bets on exploring new perspectives on life. The exhibition circulates via email and proposes the viewer to complete this correspondence by printing the poster, responding by email, or remaining silent. Action or inaction are forms of communication in this proposal for collective reflection. This is an invitation to explore Mail-Art.

How do the mountains, the plants, the animals, the river build the world? In what way can we imagine new worlds, encounters and communities? These are some questions that arise when observing the statements that Fabio proposes. This visual relationship that he establishes between words, colors and receptors is a call to reflect and dialogue about the divisive categories that we have built in our communities.

We must think is a warning or reminder about the existence diverse living things and perspectives that we have forgotten to take into account when interacting with the world.

*All the posters are in .PDF format and can be freely printed at: https://correlacioncontemporanea.com/exhibiciones/tenemos-que-pensar/

Proyecto MAILING

Our mail periodically becomes a space for exhibition, enunciation and conversation between a guest artist and our database through an electronic postal circuit as an alternative tool for artistic circulation and dissemination. Artists’ productions should be related to the investigation of the political, economic or cultural context of their scenes, which represents concerns reflected in collective imaginaries that allow understanding the region.

Fabio Tremonte

Artist, educator and researcher, bachelor in fine arts and master’s in visual arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA | USP). He is currently studying for a doctorate degree in visual arts at ECA-USP. His practice is based on bringing people together to do kitchen, at school and on the dance floor. Developing long-term projects such as: Escola da Floresta, an independent, self-managed and non-profit space; Culinary drift, a project in which he publicly socializes recipes and foods to discover their stories, political and emotional contexts; Valderramas Project, sound project of investigation and exploration of Latin American musical influences and diversity, including folk and Andean music, and cumbia with influences of electronic music.

Marco Herrera Fernández

He is the director of Correlación Contemporánea since 2016. Graduated from Plastic and Visual Arts with a major in Engraving from the Fine arts School of Peru. He has developed independent curatorial projects exhibited at institutions such as the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano and the Centro Cultural de Bellas Artes del Perú. He is part of the working group of the 2nd Latin American Census of Contemporary Art (2020). He has been a speaker at a meeting about models of residences, collaborative practices, contemporary art and pre-Columbian practices in Peru, Chile and Brazil.

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