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Maria José Benítez presents "Estrategias de colocación" at Munive Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico

Munive Arte Contemporáneo, Tlaxcala, México
March 14, 2020 – April 18, 2020

Placement Strategies is proposed as a place of corporal experimentation based on poetic instructions, images or actions to play with its tensions, make them visible, dance between them. The word becomes a catalyst that activates our senses and means subtle everyday features that run through us.

For María José Benítez we are in constant interaction with the environment, our body with the world draws lines, connection points according to the ways in which we travel, positioning ourselves in space and the implications of their degrees of inclination. Her artistic work not only addresses the translation of these vectors, but also immerses us in temporalities and rhythms that question our reference points.

In the chaos the angles are reconfigured and the artist finds connections between them, detects them, creates vanishing lines and formulates strategies that make the falls lighter. This exhibition invites to play, encourages care, to turn the body, reconnect the points that are necessary to draw the space and imagine positions that generate new links.

Text and curatorship by Marcela Roldán


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