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«Entre os vetores do mundo [Among the vectors of the world]» exhibition by Anna Bella Geiger at Danielian Gallery

From March 28 to May 7

Anna Bella Geiger Burocracia 2012 Acrilic paint on fabric 96 x 76 cm Photo by Jaime Acioli

Anna Bella Geiger Macio com Flor de Lótus e Mapa Mundi através.... I da série Macios 2016 Oil paint, pencil color and yarn on canvas 63x98,5cm Photo by Jaime Acioli

Anna Bella Geiger Carne na tabua , série Visceral 1968 Guache, color pencil and ink 32x23cm Photo by Jaime Acioli

Experimentation and research determine Anna Bella Geiger’s creative vectors. His creative freedom is manifested in various supports and materials. Through appropriations, displacements and resignifications, the artist incorporates questions that permeate her entire production. By stretching the boundaries between the past, the present and the future, Anna Bella builds a work that manages to be both timeless and iconographic. Along with other contemporary artists, she forms a powerful feminist lineage that redefines the Brazilian art scene.

Without committing to strictly conceptual practices, the artist develops an anthropological geography that structures her artistic actions and expands the traditional concepts of representation to project herself as an element of culture and questioning the world. Through dialectical practices, she adopts a strategy of confrontation and daring, displacing the artistic agent and incorporating serialization as an element of communication. With the rescue of images, memories and remembrances, she establishes the question about the plurality of this contemporary world, torn apart in its borders, and its limits. As an aesthetic provocation, it refuses contemplative aspects and inserts visuality into a broader and expanded field, far from the pamphlet discourse and, also, from conceptual hermeticism. It is in the diffuse territory between the real and the virtual, between what is and what is moving, that Anna Bella Geiger’s trajectory is founded.

For this exhibition, in addition to works of historical importance, we also bring the vivacity of her most recent production that reflects the artistic commitment and intellectual restlessness of Anna Bella Geiger.

Marcus de Lontra Costa | curated
Rafael Fortes Peixoto | co-curation


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