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El equilibrio

WALDEN, Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 12, 2016 – February 17, 2017




Remarkable creator of riddles and paradoxes, after an imaginative creative process, Ariadna Pastorini has built through time an equally original and magnetic path, which keeps on revealing itself each time more surprising. Her production is, simultaneously, constant and new, since it maintains a continuous and stable line, which refuses to remain static, revealing at every instance new aspects and unexpected retreats. It is not easy to find the exact words to describe the security an artist transmits when he or she feels every artwork fits, or when the last one highlights the body of works. That is how the work of Pastorini can be seen, with a wide variety of new and previous pieces; this time, again, another imitative composition of herself, with the aura that comes with the crystallization of her mature work.

At her first solo exhibition at WALDEN, El equilibrio [Equilibrium], Ariadna Pastorini presents a well-nurtured body of works that displays her most recent production. Printed graphics, transparencies of different densities, shining and opaque qualities of the fabrics allow her to create various shapes that distinguish each and every single one of these pieces, according to the alliance of its own special characteristics. Ariadna Pastorini is precise in her way of composing, by keeping a pictorial criterion and, undoubtedly, a sense of non-sculpted volume, which gives the pieces a mutable condition. These artworks are strongly sensorial and underline the ludic process of their means of production.


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