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Galería Amistad, Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 7, 2020

Photographs by Mariana, paintings and drawings by Ana, words born from conversations between both of them expose these artists and their friends, as well as their tastes and fantasies, puting the spotligh on the cliches and hopes, their intimacy and their need to pass them along.

Ana Montes (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1992) graduated in Social Communication at UBA. She studied art with Diana Aisenberg, Alfredo Londabeire and Juan Doffo. In 2018 she participated at the FNA Visual Arts award and at the Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires City in 2019. She took part in various individual and collective shows. In 2019 her first novel Poco Frecuente was published.

Mariana Papagni (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994) studied photography with Guillermo Ueno and Lorena Fernández. Actually she attends to Diana Aisenberg’s classes. She took part in various individual and collective shows as well as in editorial projects. She was published in different magazines and digital media. She is a medical student at UBA.

Galeria Amistad is a travelling gallery whose shows happens at friend’s houses. The project co founders are the artists Almendra Cohen, Iván Morales and Francisca Amigo.

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