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Del cielo cae, atraviesa cuerpos y se convierte en música

Pasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 12, 2016 – June 20, 2016




Curated by Florencia Qualina

From the sky falls, goes through bodies and becomes music is the title for Donjo León’s exhibition and also a description of the movements and processes of its sound installation. But beyond the technique it kindly offers another image which could work as an ancient zodiacal diagram, a cast or an alchemic metamorphosis. The core of his work appears in the exploration of organic matter and its mutations. One can remember his previous works where he manipulated fungus, minerals, branches, all inside small capsules like jars and empty light bulbs, sometimes even having their own lighting system. All of these pieces act as small scenarios where life is inextinguishable and it is tied to spores, waste and chemicals.

In this occasion, a font-machine becomes an orchestra which assembles and hybridizes theater reminiscences, carpentry and industrial design and it exposes the DNA of artist/inventor that Leonardo Da Vinci spread through the codex of machines designed to canalize nature’s force, observations and mental maps. Thus Donjo’s font-machine remains in the mutations and it supports a society between water, wood, air, probes, plastics, PVC; all of that turning into sound, like a windmill singing in a riot.

A painting on paper, a delicate miniature, also is present in this exhibition. It represents Saint Joseph, Jesus’ foster parent and patron of carpenters.

Photo: María Faux
Text by Florencia Qualina
Courtesy of Pasto, Buenos Aires


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