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Dead Shell o La enfermedad del Rey

Estudio Marte 221°, Ciudad de México
April 4, 2019 – April 18, 2019

Following a binomial structure, the exhibition Dead Shell or The King´s Disease presents the collective work of the duo Ángela Leyva and Santiago Gómez. The artists come together to show an exploration centered around the notion of portraiture as the means to navigate the materiality of a body prone to infection. The cartesian grid (x,y) is set as the main stage over which a number of objects are laid-out in order to figure and disfigure concepts about physiognomy, materiality, bodies, and sickness. Intentionally collapsing together representations from different historical times, the Medieval becomes the main road towards what lays beyond the mundane. Textures, gestures, and flags interact to cultivate a series of material reflections in which beings, fluids, and fragments conspire together to summon an invocation. This is a call for a realm, a ghostly image, that conceives the soul in every shell.

Estudio Marte 221°

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