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Colección Cooperativa

Sala 770, Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, Lima, Perú
February 26, 2020 – April 1, 2020

Colección Cooperativa and the Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, are pleased to announce Colección Cooperativa, an exhibition of the CCCP collection.

The CCCP collection is made up of almost a hundred pieces, mostly on paper, by artist that although belonging to diverse historical moments and origins, produced or produce their work in Peru: Apu-Rimak (1900-1985 ), José Bracamonte Vera (1928-1983), Julio Camino Sánchez (1914-2007), Lastenia Canayo (1962), Carlota Carvallo (1909-1980), Julia Codesido (1883-1979), Hugo Cruz Shuan (no data), Juan Manuel de la Colina (1917-¿?), Jan Kermenic (1946 – ¿?), Augustin François Lemaître (1797-1870), Eusebio Roa Sánchez (1917-1977), Brus Rubio (1984), Luis Seoane (1910- 1979), Janine Soenens (1978), Abelina Tamayo (no data).

In a group of work-tables specially designed to promote dialogue between the pieces, the exhibition articulates the CCCP collection in three thematic areas: Cooperation and collecting, Sketch and artwork, Realism and the fantastic. Each of these axes will inaugurate a new configuration for the exhibited pieces and will be accompanied by a public conversation between the members of the CCCP.

The CCCP – Colección Cooperativa is an association created to generate an art collection from small contributions of a group of individuals. In this way, the members of the cooperative take control over heritage conservation and the construction of an art history that does not depend on large capitals. Currently the cooperative members are: Alejandra Monteverde, Florencia Portocarrero, Iosu Aramburu, Juan Salas, Juan Diego Tobalina, Miguel Aguirre, Mijail Mitrovic, Nancy La Rosa, Rafael Mayu Nolte and Sebastián Cabrera.


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