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Carrie Bencardino presents "Nunca voy a olvidar lo mal que la pasé" at PIEDRAS, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 24, 2020 – November 14, 2020

PIEDRAS presents the first solo exhibition of Carrie Bencardino (b. 1993, Buenos Aires), in which she displays an installation of 50 paintings made between 2017 and 2020, an intervention in collaboration with the artist and musician León (naturandemonto) and exhibition text by Walter Lezcano.

Carrie Bencardino’s work is developed mainly in the field of painting and performance and investigates the visual discourses in different scenes that she frequents from an early age—the under metalhead, the clubs, the trash images of the Internet, the iconography of bands and queer are some of the frequent elements in her works, through which she constructs her own story of who inhabits these spaces, their phenomena and their contradictions.

The autobiographical is presented as a possible exponent of situations that—isolated from the context that justifies their existence—invite us to think on agitation as a way of inhabiting the contemporary world.

Carrie Bencardino studied Visual Arts at the National University of the Arts (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and is currently developing her thesis with the tutoring of Jorge Bardelás. She was selected by Universidad Torcuato Di Tella to carry out the 2019 Artists Program and received a scholarship from the University of Palermo to study Installation Projects with Carlos Herrera in 2018.

She won the 2nd Prize of the National Visual Arts Hall of La Pampa – Drawing Section 2019. She carried out the performance residency of Las Princesas del Asfalto collective, by Silvio Lang, carried out in Munar in 2019. He participated in group exhibitions at spaces such as La Bienal 2019, FIVA 2019, Brun Cattaneo Performance Stimulus Award, CIAntifascistas, BIENALSUR 2019, and UNL 2018 Young Art Biennial.

She assisted the artist Cai Guo-Qiang in the production of his work Gunpowder Drawings, exhibited at Fundación Proa in 2014. She conducted a work clinic with Manuel Ameztoy between 2014 and 2017.


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