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Aracataca, mi sangre, me gustan los sofás, qué filo, soy voyerista

Sketch, Bogotá, Colombia
June 22, 2017 – August 10, 2017

I merely wanted to live and express myself in accord with a way that spontaneously sprung out of me.
Why did this prove to be so difficult?
Demian – Hermann Hesse

Hesse’s mission was to discover the man behind every event; the flesh-and-blood being shaped and influenced by the chaos of existence.

In accordance with this sentiment, art can be a testament not only to who I was, but who I presently am, my dreams and desires, and what my fears and frustrations are. As a litmus test of sorts to this statement, I wish for you to experience how I feel about domestic life, love and pleasure. I invite you to partake in some insightful stories that may very well have an influence on your future. I wish to open up a dialogue about ongoing daily matters, in order to recognize and discover ourselves in the unspoken conflicts and tensions that some might just be discovering for the first time.


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