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«A través» by Valeria Becerra and Fernando Polidura, at Avant Dev, México

March 18-30, 2022

An exhibition of abstract expression that absorbs certain formal elements of philosophy and shape. Shadows of interludes, indentations, and line breaks that make us better at interpreting what is generally intuited through art.

A través is a dual production by Valeria Becerra and Fernando Polidura that is sustained by the mutual correspondences of a collaboration in which each participant develops across unrelated trajectories: exchanging ideas, thoughts, and influences, as well as discussing common interests while exploring their particular relationships with abstraction.

Following their own instincts to create works of art, Valeria and Fernando balanced elements with great precision that meet, contain each other, and orchestrate together in an environment in which there are deep and evident affinities occur between forms at all times.

Valeria Becerra is an interdisciplinary artist from Colombia who explores plastic territories, all through canvases and brushstrokes of a harmonious (random) spirit and a carefree vitality in their installation—using an unusual palette of browns, greys, whites, and blues.

Fernando Polidura establishes his practice in a self-referential manner of various punitive, marginal, and vulnerable aspects of the body and the human condition, under an intimate and crude vision that breaches both beauty standards and the paragons of the contemporary human being.

Curation and text by Erick González.

About Avant.Dev

Avant.Dev is a curatorial studio based in Mexico City that explores multiverses in creative ways through art with interdisciplinary formats in thought and matter. Founded by Erick González in 2020.

We have planned and hosted Literature, Fine Arts & NFTs events that include the participation of interdisciplinary artists from Mexico, the United States, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru and South Korea. The works of art exhibited in the gallery and fairs include painting, sculpture, installation and multimedia, through contrasting materials and progressive thoughts within the Avant-Garde modes of expression.


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