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1ra Albercada

La Albercada, Cuernavaca, Morelos
February 28, 2020 – March 29, 2020

Cuernavaca is one of the cities with more pools in the world, just below cities like Los Angeles and Florida. In this way and as a simple excuse for living in the city nicknamed “eternal spring” we take this empty and abandoned pools to create artistic experiences with proposals that are shown to the public as a “pool party/art show” style.

With this context is born La Albercada, an independent exhibition project that takes the empty pools of the city of Cuernavaca as a platform for the contemporary art practices from local and national visual artists.

This project is curated and directed by visual artists: Alonso Galera (1997) and César Ríos (1994).

Is not the intention for this project to review Cuernavaca’s past or emphasize in the nostalgia of the ruins but to activate from abandonment this places and generate experiences with the surroundings, the city, the tourists and the inhabitants. Always thinking from a present time.

This Friday, February 28 was opened to the public the collective exhibition 1ra Albercada (1st pool party) in the property located at #100 of the Avenue Compositores, Rancho Tetela in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The artists participating in the exhibition are Armiz Aldana (1991), Juliana Alvarado (1990), Paul Cisneros (1991), Antonio de la Mora (1997), Yazú Escapa (1995), Abraham González Pacheco (1989), Elizabeth Rosas (1991), Benjamín Torres (1993), Anaís Vasconcelos (1993) and David Vera (1989).

This project showcase works from 80% of young artists born in the 90’s with no subject in particular but always thinking of installation, intervention and objects as an essential resource for the creation of this works.

This first exhibition can be visited every Sunday in March until the 29th of this month. From 12:00 to 14:00 hours at the address mentioned above.


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