Argentine, 1973

Santiago García Navarro

Professor of literature at the Catholic University of Argentina, he studied Philosophy and Art at the University of Buenos Aires. He has worked as a specialist art writer for the newspaper La Nación (1997-2001). He was a correspondent in Argentina for the Spanish Portal Art Center. He has produced, among other projects, the curatorship of UTUM, A Generation Photos (Galería Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires, 2000), Debate Estético Contemporáneo, (Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires 2000), both in collaboration with Valeria Gonzalez, and Paisajes privados, prisiones colectivas (Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2002), he was also assistant curator of Farsites: Urban Crisis and Domestic Symptoms in Recent Contemporary Art, InSite, 2005 (Tijuana / San Diego).

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