USA, 1968

Sandra de la Loza

Her work examines underlying power dynamics embedded in social space often drawing upon extensive archival research and mobilizing community-based networks. She is the founder of the Pocho Research Society (PRS) (2002), a project that explores the elasticity of the artifact and the mythmaking aspects of “History” through conceptual, performative, social and aesthetic strategies that result in multi-media installations, video, photographic work, social engagement, publications and public interventions. Efforts to co-generate autonomous spaces for artistic production, community action, and critical dialogue have resulted in collectively run community centers, pedagogical spaces, and multi-disciplinary events such as the October Surprise (2004), Arts in Action (2000-2004), decolonize LA (2016) and at land’s edge (2016-2017). Currently, de la Loza collaborates with a the North East Alliance to employ creative strategies to mobilize residents and shift the debate around gentrification. 

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