Paula V. Kupfer

Paula V. Kupfer is a Panamanian art historian, writer, and editor specialized in the history of photography and modern art in Latin America. She is a former editor of Aperture magazine and was part of the curatorial team that organized the exhibition Dig Where You Stand, for Pittsburgh’s Carnegie International #57, in 2018–19. More recently, she contributed to A World History of Women Photographers (Paris: Éditions Textuel, 2020); What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women 1843–1999 (New York: 10×10 Photobooks, 2021); and the forthcoming exhibition catalogue on Brazilian photographer Gertrudes Altschul (Museum of Art of São Paulo, 2021). She is pursuing a PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, researching connections between photography, ecology, race, and the natural and built environment.

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