Santiago, República Dominica, 1963

Ochy Curiel

Afro-Dominican lesbian, feminist academic, singer and social anthropologist. She is known for helping to establish the Afro-Caribbean women’s movement and maintaining that lesbianism is neither an identity, orientation nor sexual preference, but rather a political position. She is one of the most prominent feminist scholars in Latin America and the Caribbean. She holds a PhD in social anthropology and is a spokesperson for autonomous, lesbian, anti-racist and decolonial feminism. She is one of the founders of the Latin American Group for Feminist Studies, Training and Action (GLEFAS). She has published several articles on the intersection of race, sex and sexuality, including  La Nación Recta: Análisis del discurso jurídico y el régimen heterosexual desde la antropología de la dominación (GLEFAS, 2013) and Descolonización y Despatriarcalización de y desde los Feminismos de Abya Yala (ACSUR- Las Segovias, 2015). Expert in social anthropology, she is currently a professor at the National University of Colombia and the Javeriana University, and a member of the organizing team of the Festival on documentaries with critical and emancipatory views Globale-Bogotà.

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