Natasha Tontey

Natasha Tontey is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Her artistic practice predominantly explores the theme of fiction, the fictional accounts of history, and myths surrounding ‘manufactured fear’ as a method of speculative fiction and how they have determined our expectations for the future. Through her practice, she curiously observes any possibility of other futures that are projected not from the perspective of major and established institutions, but a subtle and personal struggle of the outcasted entities and beings. Her work has been shown at transmediale for refusal 2021, Asian Film Archive (2021), Kyoto Experiment 2021, Other Futures: Multispecies Experiment (Amsterdam, 2019), Polyphonic Social by Liquid Architecture (Melbourne, 2019), among others. In 2020 she received the HASH Award 2020 for Net-Based Projects in the Fields of Art, Technology, and Design by ZKM | Karlsruhe and Akademie Schloss-Solitude.

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