Araguari, Brazil

Luiz de Abreu

LUIZ DE ABREU was born in Araguari, where he had his first contact with dance in the Umbanda terreiro (Afro-Brazilian religions), where he was taken in by his grandmother’s hands. He began his dance studies in Uberlândia and moved to Belo Horizonte, where he worked for several compa- nies. In the mid-nineties he arrived to São Paulo, where he began his solo career. He graduated in dance at Faculdade Angel Vianna, in 2013; with a master’s degree in Arts from UFU – Federal University of Uberlândia, in 2015; he is a doctoral student since 2021, in dance at UFBA–Federal University of Bahia. He performs in France, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Cuba and in all contemporary dance festivals in Brazil. He currently lives in Salvador, deepening his investi- gations around the ‘black body’.

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