Jaime González Solís

Jaime González Solís (Mexico City, 1991) is a curator and art historian. He graduated with a degree
in Design and Visual Communication from the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM. He also holds a
Specialization and Master’s Degree in Art History–with emphasis in the field of Curatorial Studies–,
both from UNAM. His work moves between the interest in the geneologies of contemporary artistic
practice, the development of its critical and historiographical frameworks and research on artistic
production and its modes of exhibition, mediation and circulation. In 2018, he was part of the
research team for the exhibition Alcira Soust Scaffo, Escribir poesía ¿Vivir Donde? (MUAC) and
was co-curator of the group show Ficción y Tiempo (CCUT). In 2019 he joined the MUAC team as
assistant curatorial coordinator, where he worked on the organization of the Jan Hendrix (2019) and
Mariana Castillo Deball (2021) exhibitions. He also participated alongside Cuauhtémoc Medina in
the curatorship of the exhibitions Yvonne Venegas. The studio and its archive (2019) and Amor
Muñoz. Hybrid (2021). He has grown his academic career by teaching the workshop on Exhibition

Development and Management for the Master’s Degree in Photography and Visual Studies at the
ADM Center. Since 2021 he has been the associate curator at the General Directorate of Visual Arts
at UNAM, where he developed with Cecilia Delgado a university platform for cultural expansion.

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