Buenos Aires, Argentina

Florencia Mamani

Florencia Mamani, Graphic Designer UBA, Film Director FUC, PC Technical Repairer IAC, former backpacker. From Buenos Aires, recently settled in the province of Jujuy.

She is currently working on two audiovisual essays “Episodios Marrones” and “La Felicidad de Florencia y Beatriz” where she denotes the construction of structural racism in Argentina as well as the lack of labor rights suffered by domestic workers, respectively. Likewise, in the theatrical field, together with the actress Sara Perez, she forms the group “Irpasiri Marronas” which exposes the problems of racism and xenophobia in the society and artistic environment of Jujuy through the play “La Boliviana” and “Mi Fondo Nacional”. They also carry out various acting workshops ranging from film to theater with an anti-racist perspective contextualized in Jujuy.

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