Lima, Perú, 1992

Daniel de la Barra

Daniel de la Barra’s practice explores the reconstruction of narratives within the hierarchical imposition of powers of domination, highlighting the power structures and extractivist valorization of which nature is a useful object. His projects explore the transition and construction of the narrative towards the instrumented landscape from romantic painting to remote sensing satellite images and new digital models of vigilance Currently he is completing the residency at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Italy), where he develops his research on anti-landscapes. During 2022 he has presented his individual exhibitions at the Joan Prats Gallery (Barcelona) where he received the Collezione Taurisano Award for the best exhibition, Ginsberg (Peru) and at the Central Museum of Lima as part of the exhibition of finalists of the XII National Painting Prize. He has also been selected to hold an individual exhibition at Frieze London next October.

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