Vietnam, 1952

Chatvichai Promadhattavedi

Chatvichai was director of the Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art between 1976 to 1988, during which he oversaw the activities of someone hundred exhibitions and as well a program of contemporary theatre and music. He is a founding member of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, and has been on the Board of the Bangkok Opera. In 2002 Chatvichai mobilized the setting up of the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), Ministry of Culture. He was a key figure in the building of the Bangkok Art and Culture (BACC), and became its first Director. He spearheaded the Artists Network in the work of putting in the cultural content in Thailand’s recently promulgated Constitution.
Chatvichai has been on the judging panel of UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards. He was co-signatory to UNESCO’s Hoi An Declaration on Conservation of Historic Districts of Asia, 2003. He is a member of the Siamese Heritage Trust Steering Committee, Siam Society. He is Chair of the Society for the Conservation of National Treasure and Environment, SCONTE. He designed the set for the theatre: “The Siam Niramit” showcasing Thailand’s richness in cultural diversity.
His curatorial works include an exhibition  “Emerging Patterns: Contemporary Art of Songkhla, Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat (2011)” surveying works by southern Muslim artists. His championing of cultural diversity on the policy level at the BACC led to other regional-themed exhibitions: “Chiang Mai Now”, “Common Exercises: Isaan Contemporary Report”. For the Siam Society he curated the exhibition “Cultural Representation in Transition: New Vietnamese Painting (1996)”. His most recent curatorial work is the exhibition “Earth Water Forest Air – the Royal Inspiration”, one of BACC’s Commemorative Exhibitions in 2017 for the late Thai King Rama IX and inspired by the monarch’s concern for the environmental issue.

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