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Jorge Satorre's «Black jacket, gray sweatshirt»


Magazine | Issue 20 - How Are You?

Read our most recent issue where we seek to pose questions about what it means to recalibrate the idea of collective care

Online | Reviews - Xavier Valcárcel de Jesús

The urgent dialogue: "El momento del yagrumo" at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico

Online | Projector

"The Sun Quartet" (2017) by Colectivo Los Ingrávidos

Duen Sacchi is the Guest Editor/Curator for the Period 2021 – 2022


Blog - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Natalia Lassalle Morillo and Gloria Morillo Cabán present "Libreto escrito, aún no existe" at Hidrante, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico
July 23, 2021 – October 1, 2021

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Barbie Homotopia by artist Romeo Gómez López

MXN 5,000.00

Black jacket, gray sweatshirt by Jorge Satorre

MXN 650.00

José Clemente Orozco: Final Cut + Limited Special Edition

MXN 2,000.00

Lead Season

MXN 600.00

Skrei en Røst – by Carolina Caycedo

MXN 4,000.00

La verdad, Jose Clemente Orozco: Final Cut special edition (complete serie + book)

MXN 7,000.00

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